Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Triple Layer Raspberry Delight

Yay!  I've finally been able to recover enough from all the computer and internet adventures to start working on this blog again!  ("and they all cheered...yay...")  And what great timing: just in time for some Independence Day fun!  So just to add a fun new treat to everyone's 4th of July picnic, I'm sending you a really great "red, white, and blue" food option: Triple Layer Raspberry Delight (which is really just a fancy version of a layered jello.  What, I'm from Utah! lol).  It is a major favorite around here during the hot months, especially with my kids since it is soo easy they are the ones who get to help make it!

4 boxes (8 servings) Raspberry Jello
4 1/2 c boiling water
24 oz. Cool Whip (set 8-12 oz to thaw)
Raspberries to taste (I usually go through about 12 oz of frozen fruit, since I am more impatient than I should be (the frozen fruit helps set the layers faster) as well as being a little cheap during the "off seasons" for the fruit I'm using)

Pour 2 1/2 c boiling water over 2 boxes of the jello, and stir until completely dissolved (watch out for hidden granules since this is such a thick mixture).  Pour into a 9x13 pan, then refrigerate for about 1 1/2 hours (or until almost solid).  Scatter the berries on top (make sure you try to cover most of the surface) and press in gently (you can just leave them, but it makes the layers separate quickly).  Set back in the fridge until you finish the next layer.  Pour remaining 2 c boiling water (make sure it is boiling again) over the remaining 2 boxes of jello.  When the jello has completely dissolved, begin cutting in 12 ozs. of frozen whipped topping.  Try not to stir too much as the more you stir, the less air will still be in the whipped topping once everything has been incorporated.  As soon as the whipped topping has been completely incorporated, pour this over your jello and berries.  Place back into the fridge to chill until set (this usually doesn't take more than about an hour or two at our house).  Just before serving, cover the top completely with the remaining whipped topping.  I like to also add more berries on top of the finished dish for decoration, though this is not a requirement.  For storage purposes, be sure to keep covered with plastic wrap so that the whipped topping doesn't dry out.  (Serve within a day or two of preparation as the berries (fresh or frozen) will begin to break down and release their water/juice which will cause the gelatin to break down as well.)

One additional note: You can adapt this recipe to include all kinds of fruits and jello flavors...raspberry is just one of my all time favorites!  Especially for something like the 4th of July, try using raspberry or blueberry jello flavor with the opposite berry and cool whip...a real "Red, White, and Blue" treat that will have everyone cheering!

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